2015 JARS

It is time again for that which no one is asking…the 2015 JARS!  Yes, it is your Jose’s Above Replacement level.  I attended 16 regular season games this year which I kept score at (there were a couple others) and using the scoresheets from those games I have compiled the stats from the Red Sox.

Yes I’m single, why do you ask?  Anyway…

Imagine that, he was the Sox' best hitter when I went to games (RLRS Photo).

Imagine that, he was the Sox’ best hitter when I went to games (RLRS Photo).


David Ortiz – .351/.464/.649
Ryan Hanigan – .333/.375/.600
Brock Holt – .351/.442/.486
Xander Bogaerts – .381/.426/.492
Travis Shaw – .407/.467/.444
Mookie Betts – .254/.299/.587
Pablo Sandoval – .341/.386/.390
Hanley Ramirez – .235/.297/.441
Alejandro De Aza – .250/.333/.375
Josh Rutledge – .333/.333/.333
Allen Craig – .286/.375/.286 (wow!)
Dustin Pedroia – .258/.343/.258
Sandy Leon – .231/.286/.231
Blake Swihart – .167/.242/.267
Mike Napoli – .129/.182/.258
Daniel Nava – .000/.333/.000
Jackie Bradley – .095/.174/.143
Shane Victorino – .000/.125/.000
Jeff Bianchi, Garin Cecchini, Deven Marrero – .000/.000/.000


– Mookie led the team in homers (5), steals (3) and RBI (15).  Ortiz led the team in doubles (8) and Bogaerts led the team in runs (18).

– De Aza is the only player I saw player I saw play both for and against the Sox.

Luis Jimenez and Carlos Peguero were the only position players I did not see in person.

– I saw Betts make two home run robbing catches (Bryce Harper, Chris Davis).

Kofi left other hurlers green with envy (RLRS Photo).

Kofi left other hurlers green with envy (RLRS Photo).


Rich Hill – 0.00 – 9 IP (1-0)
Koji Uehara – 0.00 – 6 IP (1-0, 3 SV)
Robbie Ross – 0.00 – 4.1 IP (1 SV)
Tommy Layne – 0.00 – 3.2 IP
Jean Machi – 0.00 – 3.1 IP
Heath Hembree – 0.00 – 2 IP
Edward Mujica – 0.00 – 1.1 IP
Eduardo Rodriguez – 1.88 – 14.1 IP (2-0)
Junichi Tazawa – 1.93 – 4.2 IP
Joe Kelly – 2.38 – 11.1 IP (1-0)
Clay Buchholz – 2.57 – 14 IP (1-0)
Alexi Ogando – 2.70 – 3.1IP
Rick Porcello – 4.66 – 19.1 IP (2-1)
Henry Owens – 5.14 – 21 IP (1-1)
Craig Breslow – 7.00 – 9 IP (0-1)
Justin Masterson – 9.00 – 7 IP
Matt Barnes – 10.00 – 9 IP (0-2)
Wade Miley – 11.12 – 5.2 IP (0-1)
Noe Ramirez – 18.00 – 1 IP (0-1)


– Owens led the team in strikeouts (20) and tied Barnes for runs allowed (12). Porcello led the team in hits allowed (19) and Owens and Porcello tied for the lead in walks (4).

– Masterson and Barnes were the only pitchers I saw both start and relieve.

– There were a bunch of guys I did not see pitch; Steven Wright, Anthony Varvaro (admit it, you forgot about him), Jonathan Aro, Brian Johnson, Dalier Hinojosa, Ryan Cook and Roman Mendez.

I Just, I Mean, Wha?

Little Mookie and Big Hank are just two years removed from being impressive prospects (RLRS Photo).

Little Mookie and Big Hank are just two years removed from being impressive prospects (RLRS Photo).

I genuinely do not know what to say.  This is not all because Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval are not with the team anymore right?

Watching this team these last few weeks has been wonderful.  Not surprisingly I have been thinking a lot about what I want to write heading into the off-season.  Right now it all keeps coming down to this;

Do not mess this up.

This is so much fun.  Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts (7 more hits, c’mon!), Blake Swihart, Jackie Bradley Jr., Eduardo Rodriguez, Henry Owens..the kids just do something every single night.

On the mound I was watching Rick Porcello pitch tonight and I had a moment in the first inning where I thought “oh see, the veteran…” then I remembered he does not turn 27 until this winter.

Since his return from the DL Porcello has been a different pitcher (RLRS Photo).

Since his return from the DL Porcello has been a different pitcher (RLRS Photo).

I do not know what it means (probably nothing) but I was at Josh Beckett‘s final start of 2006.  A terrible 7th inning left Beckett with a 5.01 ERA for the season.  I always wondered if Beckett used that little .01 as motivation heading into his great 2007.

After his generally strong outing on Tuesday Porcello’s ERA sits at 5.02.  He has been pitching better but assuming he does not make another start he will end the season just over that 5.00 ERA and just below double digit wins (he has nine).

This is just a lot of fun to watch right now.  Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo had a great conversation about the 5th inning and Remy talked about the uncertainty of the outfield for 2016.  I am with him, I like Mookie in center and JBJ in right the majority of the time (and left in the Bronx).

Right now it is just fun.

Series Thread – at Yankees

Rick Porcello looks to finish strong (RLRS Photo).

Rick Porcello looks to finish strong (RLRS Photo).

Mon, 9/28 7:05p Eduardo Rodriguez (9-6) vs. Ivan Nova (6-9)
Tue, 9/29 7:05p Rick Porcello (8-14) vs. TBA
Wed, 9/30 7:05p Wade Miley (11-11) vs. TBA
Thu, 10/1 7:05p Sandy Koufax (2-0) vs. TBA

Notes: Who says the Sox won’t play October baseball

– I won’t lie, I would take great pleasure in seeing the Blue Jays clinch with a Red Sox victory in the Bronx this week.  It’s possible that the Yankees will both be eliminated from the AL East race and clinch a playoff spot on the same day.  That would be amusing.  What’s the appropriate reaction to that?

– With all due respect to Ned Yost and Jeff Bannister how is Joe Girardi not the manager of the year?  He has navigated injuries, uncertainty and age to put his team on the cusp of earning a playoff spot.  He has been much better for the Yankees than I thought he would be when they hired him eight seasons ago.

What A Long Strange Trip

Rich HillHis name is Richard Joseph Hill and according to Alex Speier he is the ONLY pitcher in the history of the Boston Red Sox to have three consecutive starts of 7+ IP, 10+ K and 0 or 1 walks.

Not Cy Young who won more games than anyone in history.

Not Roger Clemens who won more Cy Young Awards than anyone else in history.

Not Lefty Grove who many consider the greatest pitcher in history.

Not Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez.

My father said it best.  I cannot remember the last time I watched a pitcher dominate a team like that.  He looked like he could have pitched 29 innings on Friday night.  He had three pitches working and he was throwing them from multiple angles.  He was in total control.

How the hell did he get here? He was drafted three times, he has played for so many different teams at so many different levels I stopped trying to count them all on his BBRef page.

The pride of Milton, MA had not started a game since 2009 when the Sox handed him the ball on September 13 largely because they needed an arm. Had Brian Johnson, Steven Wright, Joe Kelly and Clay Buchholz not been injured he never would have gotten a chance.

Over the top isn't enough? OK, he drops down sidearm too (RLRS Photo).

Over the top isn’t enough? OK, he drops down sidearm too (RLRS Photo).

Sitting in section 15 Friday night by the fifth inning much of the discussion around me was “we can’t let him go right? He has to be in the rotation next year.” Y’know, I do not even want to think about that right now. Friday was SUCH a wonderful night.

Watching him spin that game all I could think was “how does someone who has lost a child even go on? Is he thinking about that child tonight?” Rich Hill and his wife Caitlin lost their two month old son Brooks in February of 2014. Somehow he battled on. Somehow he pitched last year. And then he pitched this year.

I don’t have kids and I cannot pretend to fathom what he went through. Hell, I don’t know what he is still going through. But he has done it. When Mookie Betts leapt over the wall to preserve his second career shutout (first since 2006) I hugged my father in much the same way I did when Shane Victorino‘s grand slam landed in the Monster Seats in 2013.

It seems ridiculous to say that a game in the final week of the season between two teams going nowhere was tremendously exciting, but this one was. The buzz as we waited for Hill to pop out of the dugout prior to the ninth then the cheers when he did, the eruption when Betts snared Chris Davis‘ fly ball was playoff-esque.

Way to go Rich Hill.

P.S. This OK vi?

Rich Hill and Sandy Leon earned the congratulations (RLRS Photo).

Rich Hill and Sandy Leon earned the congratulations (RLRS Photo).

Mike Hazen Named GM

Mike Hazen was Player Development Director when Daniel Bard shifted to the bullpen and became a weapon (RLRS Photo).

Mike Hazen was Player Development Director when Daniel Bard shifted to the bullpen and became a weapon (RLRS Photo).

In a move that seems to make a lot of sense to me the Sox have promoted AGM Mike Hazen to General Manager nominally replacing Ben Cherington.  In practical terms the split of duties between new President Dave Dombrowski and Hazen may put a bit more emphasis on Double D’s shoulders but Hazen is presumably handling the day to day.

Hazen has spent several years as Player Development Director and has been an Assistant GM since the end of the 2011 season.  Given the incredible strength of the farm system over recent years I think Hazen looks like a wise choice.

The Sox’ will have several decision to make this winter and a lot of those decision will hinge on their internal evaluations of prospects.  With Hazen as Dombrowski’s right hand man the Sox seem to have the correct person to advise Dombrowski moving forward.